Posted May 27, 2011


I’ve been rolling around the idea in my head that I could take some time off from work to just read. Maybe a reading road trip, who knows. It’s just that things are getting stale and my mind needs to exercise more.

I want to be someone’s apprentice, I want to read, ingest, discuss, write. I want to meet new people every month and make cool things with them. I need to make things to be a fulfilled and functioning person. I’m not too particular on what those things are, only that they should make a difference, and I am an integral part of their success or failure.

Why not have a crazy idea and run with it until it’s finished? Wake up in the morning, excited to start the day, go for a little walk, eat a light breakfast, chat with friends, and then just start making and learning and loving life. I can’t say it enough: I need to make things.