25 Years of Design Experience

In 1993 I unwrapped a Sony Sketchpad for Christmas. My dad plugged it into the back of the TV, and I began to draw.

Collages & Layer Styles

As a teenager, I spent hundreds of hours in Photoshop mastering the fine art of layer styles, blend modes, and glowing edge effects.

Photoshop Fanatic Turned Graphic Designer

In college I studied Graphic Design and learned the importance of hierarchy, layout, and color theory.

From Print to Web

My first real design job was at a digital advertising agency, Modea, where I worked as an Interactive Designer for three years.


In 2012 I joined Twitter's product design team in NYC to work on Discover, as well as experimental projects for the future of the company.

Erin Nolan

I partner with clients to hone their product vision, identify users’ needs, validate design solutions, and create functional prototypes to launch products that stand out. Clients include The New York Times, NPR, RetailMeNot, Quirky, Twitter, FreshDirect, and more.

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